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Navigating the Cookieless World in 2024

In the world of digital marketing, change is the only constant. And as we look ahead to 2024, a huge shift is looming: the abandonment of cookies! Apple has already pulled the plug on many third-party cookies and Google’s transition from Universal Analytics to the event-driven GA4, along with its plan to retire cookies on Chrome by the end of 2024, signals our journey into the cookieless future. It’s a marketing revolution in progress!

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The Intern Diaries – Part 2

Hi and welcome back to the latest update on my Marketing Nest journey! Ready for more behind-the-scenes insights? This marks the second chapter of my intern diary, and I’m excited to continue sharing all the fascinating experiences with you!

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watch out for these 2023 trends

Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

With new trends and technologies emerging all the time, staying ahead of the game in the digital space is challenging. So, if your goal is to step up your marketing efforts and improve your brand’s digital presence in 2023, these are the digital marketing trends that you should look out for:

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