The Science of
Search Engine Marketing


Reach more relevant customers within your budget.

Your next customer is only a click away. 

Search engine marketing has the power to bring you numerous business opportunities. To drive traffic to your blog or sell products from your online shop for example. SEM is by far the most targeted and cost-effective marketing strategy if it is trackable and measurable. So, you know exactly how your marketing budget is being spent and what returns it gets you.

With so many channels, variables, and online habits to consider, finding your next customer might seem overwhelming and a huge strain on your budget. But that isn’t the case with Nest.

Great search engine marketing puts your ads in front of motivated customers when they’re ready to make a purchase. Doing this saves budget and yields much better results.

Our Google Certified team is experienced in setting up paid advertising campaigns with defined goals, conversion tracking and geotargeting to drive the most relevant customers to your site for the lowest cost.

what good sem can do for you

Leads, Cost control and Exposure

We are methodical, and mathematical because it all boils down to numbers. How many leads and conversions will your business get for its marketing spend? Our well-planned PPC strategies enable businesses to cultivate long-term brand awareness and engage new audiences. We are committed to seeing our brands reaching their KPIs and generate ROI. Contact us today to unleash the power of Pay Per Click advertising.

A broad approach can be wasteful. Crafted by Google Certified Members, our search engine marketing strategies target the most relevant customers, finding those who are actively searching for the products or services your business offers.

SEM isn’t a game of chance. The relevance and content of your ads, together with the quality of your user experience and the accuracy of your bidding is pure strategy. We continually monitor and adjust ads to maximize your score and minimize your cost per click.

The more often you appear before your target audiences, the better your chances of getting them to click. Effective paid advertising campaigns guarantee increased visibility, boosting your chances of being chosen by your next clients. 

Reach out to the right audience, at the right moment and place.
Be there, be useful, be quick!

What we deliver

The science of SEM

Even the most basic PPC campaign has a large number of variables. We work tirelessly to fine-tune each campaign to the unique needs of our partner brands.  All the activities, like keyword research, ad copy creation, landing page optimisation, bid management, budget planning and placing ads on different channels and in various formats, are aligned with your business goals. We research, execute, test, and track. Our targeting is precise, and we help you reach different touch-points throughout the buyer journey. Again, and again. With amazing results.

We help businesses get found, but we don’t use aggressive banners and annoying pop-ups. Our paid search campaign begins with discovering what your next customers are actually searching for, whether they’re using Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu or Yandex. Then we deliver them to your door with the right keywords and ad copy and perfect UX-driven landing pages.

We keep track of every digital breadcrumb. When one of your media properties leads to a conversion event, we find it, study it, and create unique, multichannel campaigns that use powerful banner ads to speak directly to specific users or user profiles. This guarantees instant exposure to the audiences you want to connect with.

A picture may say a thousand words, but a 15-second video can earn you up to 35% more engagement. Users watch and share videos more than any other online media, and their numbers are only growing. Plus, video ads only appear to the audiences you’re targeting and you only pay when your videos are watched, so you won’t waste money advertising to anyone who isn’t interested in what you have to offer. We understand the power of video advertising, so when we design a campaign, video is always the top weapon in our arsenal.

Facebook likes and Instagram followers don’t equal sales. To turn your social media efforts into sales, you need more than exposure and a fan base. You need dedicated experts who can guarantee your ads reach the right targets at the right cost. Smart PPC, from copywriting to deployment is exactly what Nest provides.

Native ads blend in with the content of the platforms you advertise on, building more trust and user engagement. When we run your native ads on mobile devices, you may see four times more click-throughs than with non-native display ads.

our process

SEM with Soul

A meaningful brand presence is about communicating with potential clients. We take the time to understand your target audience. We listen carefully to them, tune in to what’s important to them and engage them.

Account audit & analysis

If you already have campaign management tools in place, running a deep audit and analysing your historic data will show us what worked and what didn’t. If we catch something that worked well, we use it in our next campaign.

Competitor Analysis

A careful competitor analysis shows us who the big players are in your target market and how they promote their brands. We analyze brand presence, ranking, messaging and audience demographics. We can use that information to figure out exactly how competitive and costly specific key terms are and how you can get ahead.

Strategy identification

We take findings from our account audit and competitor analysis and put them together to build a stellar online strategy.

Keyword Identification

We gather relevant keywords and put them into categories so we can create powerful targeted advertisements. Keyword selection is critical for targeting the right audience with the right message.

Campaign Setup

Now that the groundwork is done, it’s time to start building our paid campaigns. The scale and breakdown of your campaigns depend on your available budget.


Once your campaigns are up and running, our team continually monitors and optimizes them. We communicate with you regularly so you understand what’s happening with your ad account.

Weekly Reporting

Our clients want to know that their budget is performing for them. We give daily, weekly, monthly and live-data reports so you know exactly where you are in relation to your goals.


When we get the numbers we want, we push harder to achieve even better ones next time. Our clients are often surprised with how great their results really are.