Search marketing strategy
that gets you results

Our SEM Journey

Clicks with brains

The success of any marketing campaign is embedded in data. And this data analysis is crucial to ensuring your marketing spend really powers the rapid growth of your business. To turn traffic to clicks and then into conversions, you need to know who has buying intent, how to attract them and what are they checking on your site. Nest’s expert team can unlock this data for you.

1 We get to know your customer base

Achieving relevancy in your marketing efforts is the only way to maximise your ROI. So, we first invest solid time identifying your next customer. We figure out what they’re looking for and what would make them buy from you. Our search engine marketing journey starts here.

2 We lay down clear financial goals

A winning marketing strategy can be crafted only if there are measurable goals. We set monthly revenue goals based on your current market share and plan a path that will help you get there. When considering various aspects of the search marketing strategy, we examine data points like customer acquisition costs and conversion funnels. But we never forget to humanise the numbers and think about what the data actually means for your business.

3 We analyze your current campaign

Even a largely unsuccessful campaign generates a wealth of information. We closely examine the campaign before formulating our new search marketing strategy. We take a careful look at what you’ve already done, what’s been working well and what’s been a waste of resources.

4 We streamline your paid searches

For potential clients, the user journey may end with a click, but for us this is just the beginning. That click can reveal a lot about your next customer. The click lets us track revenue back to a number of different consumer entry points – keywords, ad copy and landing pages. Also to customer metrics that will help us finetune your pay per click campaigns and boost your sales exponentially.
Our Search Marketing Toolkit

Paid search superheroes

A good paid search strategy needs more than a well-thought-out campaign. It needs to move laterally across the entire spectrum of possible revenue channels and deliver with focus. In other words, a PPC campaign needs to be in two places at once.

Our SEM Flow

Custom search marketing strategies with great results

Our search engine marketing campaigns are all unique, but our core search principles never change. To make search marketing work for you, you need careful planning, a robust and well-timed launch, and intelligent analysis.

We’re great at sitting down with messy data and looking for meaning in the click. Running a situation analysis lets us see how things are looking under the hood for your business.

We’ve found that data without goals just doesn’t work. The best results are achieved only when we combine our data crunching with your business goals.

While you celebrate an exciting new campaign, our team is busy with page speed, grabbing conversions and making your SEO perform even better. This is what makes us a respected digital marketing agency.

Reporting is the litmus test of a campaign. But it is also what plants the seeds for the next set of marketing initiatives. When a click hits or a lead turns into a new customer, we’re the first to know. And we act fast, to nurture that click into deeper engagement with your products or services, and make that new visitor a loyal client. We’re glued to your dashboard, keeping track of how your advertising budget is being spent, click by click. When it’s time to share, we give you a customised report so you can understand what’s going on too.

Ok, so we’ve launched and got the numbers. Now we figure out what’s working and what’s slowing us down, and we tweak everything. Keywords, text ads, extensions, banners, videos, audiences, landing pages. That’s until we get everything just right.

With search marketing, there’s always room for improvement and new directions to grow in. That’s why our custom advertising strategies are built click by click. We’re always looking to make your next campaign more successful than the last.