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GA4 just replaced Universal Analytics

Starting from July 1st, 2023, Universal Analytics no longer processes your website traffic. Embrace the future of web analytics by migrating to GA4. Unlock the potential of cutting-edge machine learning, predictive outcomes, and automated insights, empowering you to supercharge your marketing performance.

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What is Google Analytics 4?

GA4, also known as Google Analytics 4,  is a new analytics service that allows you to monitor traffic and engagement across your websites and apps. It provides privacy-safe solutions to measure customer journeys and smarter insights to improve your marketing decisions.

Unlike Universal Analytics properties, GA4 also offers machine learning to predict outcomes, automates the discovery of insights, and makes it easy to activate those insights in Google advertising platforms, improving your marketing performance.

With Universal Analytics properties replaced on July 1st, 2023, it’s important to migrate to GA4 as soon as possible to gain access to historical data and insights as well as comply with changing privacy standards.

Google Analytics 4
Understand your customers better

How GA4 works

Google Analytics 4 is designed to give you a complete understanding of how your customers behave on both your website and app by using various types of data.

Its advanced machine learning features, easy-to-use reporting, and new integrations help you keep up with evolving technology and privacy standards. With GA4, you can make better marketing decisions and improve your return on investment with smarter insights.

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What does it mean for you

To ensure uninterrupted tracking of website performance, businesses must prioritize setting up GA4.

With Google Analytics 4, you will transition from cookie-based tracking to event-based tracking, allowing data collection only with customer consent. Leveraging machine learning, GA4 predicts audience behavior, empowering you with smarter insights and predictions for better marketing decisions. 

GA4 addresses rising consumer expectations, regulatory developments, and changing technology standards for user privacy

Advantages of GA4

Benefits of using GA4

Find data gaps with machine learning

Using Google’s advanced modelling technology, GA4 allows you to fill gaps in your understanding of customer behaviour when cookies and other identifiers aren’t available. This provides a better picture of your audience, enabling better decision-making.

Meet your marketing goals

Many clients have seen success using GA4 to help achieve key marketing objectives like generating leads, acquiring new users, and driving online and offline sales. With GA4’s advanced insights, you can optimise your marketing strategies to reach your goals.

Get more with data-driven attribution

Google’s data-driven attribution models provide a better understanding of how all marketing activities influence conversions, so you don’t over or undervalue a single channel. Improve your marketing strategy and get more value from your marketing campaigns.

Enhanced cross-platform analysis

The event-based data in GA4 allows for enhanced cross-platform analysis and granular engagement data, including tracking scrolls down a page. Plus, Google Analytics 4 leverages Conversion Modelling to provide valuable insights even when people opt out of sharing data.

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Let a certified Google Partner help you

Setting up and managing GA4 can be challenging due to its new functionality and interface. Our Google Analytics certified team is here to help you adapt to the new generation of web analytics. We provide comprehensive GA4 set up and training services to ensure that you and your team understand the benefits of GA4 and can effectively track event-based data. 


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