Tickmill Group

Boosting ROI for a dynamic new player in the Forex industry.


Website: tickmill.com

the beginning

A new kid on the block.

Tickmill Group first approached Marketing Nest in 2016. It was a growing Forex broker with a newly established EU branch. Tickmill Group was looking to improve critical elements in their performance. They wanted to grow the number of traders using their platform, to ensure higher year-on-year returns on their digital investment. They also wanted more leads on their platform month-on-month.

The Challenge

New to the EU.

Our collaboration with Tickmill Group began by identifying the core concern, as their EU branch was new and lacked online presence. We took on the challenge by building an innovative digital strategy to boost Tickmill’s visibility. First, we identified their key international audiences and set up conversion funnels that would help Tickmill attract what they wanted – more traders creating accounts. Following an in-depth analysis, we next focused their advertising strategy on two networks – search and display. The strategy was built on targeting the right audiences, continually optimizing communication with engaged visitors, and expertly managing large budgets.

Within the first 18 months of the project, we achieved every one of the client’s objectives, leading to a 6-year long collaboration. 

The Results

See how we have helped Tickmill achieve their goals.

Fast forward to 2022, Tickmill brand and customer base has grown significantly as we continue our collaboration.

Within the last 12 months, Tickmill’s leads rose by +36%. The best part is that their cost per lead plunged by -52%. For traders, active accounts grew more than +52%, with a -3% decline in cost per activation. Finally, our proudest moment was being able to report a year-on-year increase in ROI of +110%. Our relationship with Tickmill Group has gone from strength to strength.

Throughout our six-year collaboration with Tickmill Group, we are proud to have played a significant role in their remarkable growth journey, witnessing their transformation from a promising brand into a global player in the forex market. We are glad to have contributed to their success by establishing a loyal customer base while effectively maximizing their marketing budgets.



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Marilena Iakovou

“In this line of work, it is hard to find loyal partners, people you can count on and who share your values and understand your goals. Nest team has been on our side every step of the way.”