Giving an up-and-coming media portal a competitive advantage.



the beginning

Making a mark in a competitive industry had an ambitious goal. Becoming a star player in a media landscape dominated by news outlets. This highly challenging feat could only be accomplished with the right digital strategy. We knew that if Alphanews wanted to build public awareness, they needed to reach new audiences and set achievable goals. What we had to do was clear. Design a comprehensive digital strategy that would bring more visitors to the website, keep them engaged, and make sure they returned again and again. That’s exactly what we did.

The Challenge

Getting it right.

The Alphanews project was not going to be easy. Understanding the significance of connecting with the appropriate audience during crucial micro-moments, we leveraged the power of SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and web analytics. We began by segmenting users based on their interests, allowing us to understand their preferences and behaviors more effectively. Armed with this knowledge, we proceeded to implement targeted advertising strategies that precisely targeted the intended individuals with the most compelling messages at precisely the right time. This holistic approach played a vital role in our successful execution of the campaign, ultimately driving engagement and yielding impressive outcomes.

The Results

Alphanews success story in numbers.

By the end of our initial campaign, we saw incredible improvement. New visitors were up by over +283% and the rate of returning users had grown by +268%. This was an impressive feat, especially in Cyprus’s crowded digital media landscape. Organic queries had also climbed by a whopping +113%, while users stayed on the website +5% longer than before. Finally, the ever-important bounce rate was reduced by about -18%.

Our team is delighted to have built a strong partnership with Alphanews and played a key role in delivering these outstanding results.

New Visitors


Returning Visitors


Organic queries


avg. time spent on site


bounce rate


Valentinos Georgiou

Digital Marketer

“A great team to work with. Nest team understood our needs from the first day and helped reach its monthly goal set by both sides so far. We have a Continuous (day to day) collaboration which is leading our business to growth month by month. A great experience so far!”